Do Yourself a Favor

Favor was created to help people enjoy broad spectrum hemp’s health benefits in essentially any situation. It can reduce anxiety, help with discomfort and insomnia, or even take the edge off to help you enjoy a night out. So do yourself a Favor and try our all-natural broad spectrum hemp products.


Favor. Flavor. Fun.

Life happens. And it’s beautiful, exciting, fun. We wanted to create products that would help enhance life experiences in a natural and completely healthy way. There is a lot of hype around hemp. And for good reason. We’re human beings. We experience pain, anxiety, insomnia, stress. But physical, mental or spiritual limitations shouldn’t keep anyone from experiencing life. Broad spectrum hemp helps take care of these limitations and more. So naturally, we wanted to create product lines that make hemp’s benefits conveniently available for everyone in any situation.

Life is for living and living it to the fullest.  And sometimes we just want to chill and have a good time. Whether you experience muscle or joint pain, have trouble sleeping at night, struggle with stress and anxiety or just want to chill and enjoy a night out, Favor can help. We want everyone to experience life on Favor. So, we created three convenient ways to access broad spectrum hemp in a way that’s convenient, enjoyable, accessible, and acceptable for anyone in any situation. We offer broad spectrum hemp in vape, tincture, and lotion forms. If you’re at the office, on a commute, or on the dance floor Favor is there. So have some Favor with some flavor and have some fun.

Our Hemp Product

We use only top-quality and verified hemp in all of our products. Click the button below for full access to lab reports for the broad spec hemp Favor uses.

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Flavor Your Feelings. Experience Life on Favor.